Portable Toilet Rental

The Portable Toilets will be provided by Bhutan Toilet Organization

Bhutan Toilet Organization's portable toilet services was initiated on 2015 and have now come a long way; from wooden portable toilets we designed in 2015, to aesthetic Japanese folding toilets in 2016, donated by JCI, and finally to world-class imported toilets in 2018. The services has been used by the government, businesses, private individuals and communities across fifteen Dzongkhags, and we are proud to have been able to provide high-standard toilet facilities and generate interest and appreciation among people. In terms of economy and sustainability we learned that it’s the most cost-effective solution, with the efficiency for one structure to travel places to different events, thereby saving enormously on resources, time and man power for the organizers. Besides the ease of setting up and the aesthetic value added, we have noticed that good facilities encouraged people to be mindful about the way they used it, which has a significant bearing on cultivating good toilet habits.

Portable Toilet Rental

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