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Azha Pasa Membership, Benifits And Fees

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Azha Pasa is now offering special discounted price for 2000 customers (only) who subscribe to a membership plan. Currently we are only offering the Individual Membership Plan. We will soon start with a Business Membership Plan as well. 

Member Benefits: 

1. Members will get to enjoy discounted/wholesale price on all items available at Azha Pasa.

2. Members can choose to buy from Azha Pasa and sell them to their own customers.

3. Azha Pasa will also offer pick and drop service to member; thereby get acess to every product available in the market. Delivery charges will be applicable since Azha Pasa does not keep any margin. 

Membership Fee:

Membership fee for Individual Membership Plan is Nu.400 per month. 

Terms & Conditions:

1. Membership is only valid for one individual and the member has to come in person to make the purchase. If members does not reside in Thimphu, he/she can identify someone in Thimphu to shop on his/her behalf. 

2. Speical membership price is available on all products at Azha Pasa. If purchase is made online and delivery service is required, member needs to bare the delivery cost. This is because Azha Pasa does not keep a margin on the goods sold to members. Moreover it will still workout to be cheaper, after paying the delivery cost. 

3. You will be required to produce your phone number when requesting for membership offers.

4. Delivery charges are applicable for home delivery. Charges will depend on location of your home or delivery address

5. For Thimphu, delivery charges will range from Nu. 150-200 per delivery.

6. There will be limit on quantity and value of purchase.   

7. Membership fee is charged on monthly/quarterly and yearly basis from the date of enrollment.

8. Azha Pasa reserves the right to refuse, decline, or cancel a membership at any time.

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